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Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Individual Health insurances

The health insurance provides freedom to elect any doctor or health institution you desire. Expenses of inpatient or outpatient diagnosis and treatments of the insured as a result of an accident or disease are covered in the country or all over the world. The health insurance is the major assistant of the insured at their most difficult moments by covering possible high amount of health expenses thanks to this feature.

Wage earners or taxpayers, submitting annual return, may also deduct the insurance premium paid by them from the tax base. The premiums must be paid on the relevant due dates to benefit from this opportunity.

Travel and Personal Accident

The personal accident insurance is offered with very attractive premiums compared to the covers provided by it. Considering the accidents that we may have in our daily life, the policy may also include the assistance services in addition to this product which may financially mitigate problems of the insured who had an accident or survivors in case of death.

Foreign Travel Insurance

The insured who purchases the foreign travel insurance, which is compulsorily required by the companies applying visa to the Turkish citizens with their application for visa, from Nildem Global also protect themselves against many misfortunes which may discomfort their holiday from loss of baggage to its damage, burglary or delay in addition to their compulsory health coverage amounting to EUR 30,000.