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House Insurance

House Insurance

We assure your most valuable living area with your loved ones.

House Package Insurance

The House Package Insurance is an insurance package covering possible damages to the house and belongings against fire and other risks. It secures your house as your most valuable living area, you and your loved ones living in the house with its comprehensive covers.

Fire Insurance

The Fire Insurance assures material damages to the insured properties directly caused by fire, lightning, explosion or smoke, steam and heat arising from fire and explosion.

Safe Deposit Burglary Insurance

The Safe Deposit Burglary Insurance protects your valuables in your safe deposit at your house against burglary.

Common Areas Insurance

The Common Areas Policy, which is the only policy likely to respond different requirements of apartment building and compound type living areas which are a return of the modern life cities, covers the risks under the stated covers in the common areas of use of reinforced concrete apartment buildings or compounds subject to insurance.

Compulsory Earthquake Insurance (DASK)

It is a compulsory insurance policy issued to secure material damages to your building due to earthquake and damages of fire, explosion and landslide damages to be caused by earthquake with the assurance of the Turkish Catastrophe Insurances Pool (DASK) established for natural disasters causing substantial losses of life and property in our country.