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Liability Insurances

Liability Insurances

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Employer Civil Liability Insurance

It is an insurance securing the employer against possible occupational accidents in the workplace. Thanks to this insurance holding the employer harmless due to its civil liability, claims for damages of workers, who had an occupational accident, or beneficiaries of workers against the employer. In addition, amounts of indemnities payable following actions likely to be brought against the employer by SGK (Social Security Institution) due to occupational accidents are also secured.

Third Person Civil Liability Insurance

The Third Person Civil Liability Insurance secures the policy owner against bodily and material damages to the third persons.

Product Liability Insurance

The Product Liability Insurance is an insurance securing your damages to the third persons or properties during use of the products produced or offered by you as a business.

Professional Liability Insurance

It provides protection against losses likely to be given to the third persons by the self-employed such as attorney, financial advisor, architect, engineer due to their insufficient and/or faulty operations during practice of their profession.