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Special Risk Insurances

Special Risk Insurances

Special risks require special attention and professionalism!


Our company has a team experienced in all respects of the sports and athletes insurance.

Athletes have a very limited period of earning and are able to continue their career with the highest performance without fear of disability as long as their incomes are protected thanks to insurance.

Nildem Global has a strong market knowledge to produce solutions for all sports classes and has been famous with innovative solutions in this branch.

We may list our solutions in a wide range as follows;

·         Personal Accident Insurance (covering permanent and temporary disability)

·         Professional liability

·         Sports Events insurance – including risks of cancellation, restriction, postponement of sports competitions

·         Third Party Liability Insurances

·         Travel Insurances – Group travel insurances for customers of clubs, organizations and sports agencies 


Risk, whether small or big, complex or simple, is the common threat of each construction and assembly project.

Nildem Global prepares special insurance programs eliminating all potential losses with the right risk transfer in tunnel, dam, bridge constructions or big projects requiring installation of gas tribunes or complex electronic equipments involving serious technological risks.

We have a broad experience in domestic and foreign construction projects. You may trust in Nildem Global for solutions for your actual requirements on the basis of project and protection of your properties against any damage likely to cause a possible destruction or suspension of projects.

We are sure about our ability to make insurance placements running in a problem-free and effective manner as a broker providing service to the leading and major construction firms irrespective of place of the construction project all over the world. We have been specialized in design, marketing and service provision for each project for any period and type throughout the world.

As Nildem Global, we even enjoy any challenges we may face during the insurance programs such as Construction All Risks, Erection All Risks, Professional Liability, one-time or annual programs. We provide high quality service to the construction sector


Insurance is a field requiring specialization for mining. Nildem Global has a dominant position in the global markets in the field of mining in all processes such as finance, discovery, construction and operational activities.

Our experienced team provides risk transfer products and services for requirements of our customers. We understand the mining industry and know its risks and thus we offer the most efficient recommendations to our customers in connection with the mining insurances.

Media and Entertainment

As Nildem Global, we closely know reinsurance  requirements of the entertainment industry, which are mostly complex and requiring individual action.

We carry out activities to create innovative and efficient solutions for Musicians, Famous Persons, Producers, Organizers, Sponsors and Advertisers.

Nildem Global may provide service with the diversities and opportunities of the global insurance market in respect of this matter.

We are proud of preparing insurance programs for this sector for our individual or corporate customers throughout the world.

Director Liability Insurance - D&O

Indemnity amounts, administrative fines imposed by the governmental authorities and defence expenses arising from action, caused by claims of losses alleged due to faults of companies and their affiliates, their managers, directors and board members when they perform their duties on behalf of the company, are covered.


Nildem Global is specialized in the fields of freight liability, hull machinery and P&I insurances.

We produce various products on behalf of our customers with a wide range through serious bargains with insurance companies via our status in the insurance sector.

Credit Insurance

Purpose of the credit insurance, which covers your commercial losses arising from non-payment of your credit, is to maintain profitability in addition to protection of your company’s activities from losses.