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Nildem Global on GBN Brokers’ Network

News Date: 01-01-1970

Nildem Global Sigorta Ve Reasurans Brokerligi has been a member of GBN Brokers’ Network to provide service in the Territories of Turkey and TRNC.

January 21, 2015 – Nildem Global Sigorta Ve Reasurans Brokerligi is happy to announce its membership of GBN Worldwide to provide service in the territories of Turkey and TRNC. Nildem Global, which is a family company headquartered in Istanbul, has been in the business world since 1992 and provides its individual and corporate clients with brokerage service at the same degree irrespective of their sizes. Its general purpose is to provide prompt, competitive, cost-efficient and productive insurance and reinsurance solutions. It achieves it by finding solutions from the Turkish market and various reinsurance markets.

Nildem Global team likes niche products and working in the businesses which are not carried out by others. Their particular specializations are:

  • Fire & Accident
  • Health, Life and Retirement
  • Construction and Engineering

Message of the General Manager Elif Hazinedaroglu;

”Participation of Nildem Global in GBN and starting with new business with the network partners have been a perfect way to begin the year of 2015. We will value and appreciate all international businesses produced by the members and I promise to provide transparent and high quality service irrespective of large size of the businesses”.

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