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TBF signed a Sponsorship Agreement with HDI Sigorta

News Date: 01-01-1970

A sponsorship agreement was signed between the Turkish Basketball Federation and HDI Sigorta which has increasingly continued its support to the Turkish sports in recent years.

TBF CEO Hidayet Turkoglu, HDI Sigorta General Manager Ceylan Hancioglu and Nildem Global  General Manager Elif Hazinedaroglu and authorized persons from TBF and HDI Sigorta participated in the meeting held at the central building of the Turkish Basketball Federation in Istanbul.

TBF CEO Hidayet Turkoglu, who made the opening speech, said: “An important day for me. We have a new business and I will lead the official contract. Everybody knows meaning of this day. We have met today for our sponsorship agreement with HDI Sigorta being the innovative company of the insurance sector, which has continued its support to the Turkish sports each passing day increasingly and attracted attention with its spurts in recent period.


It is very valuable for us to feel support of a significant brand like HDI Sigorta. Therefore, I acknowledge Nildem Global Sigorta ve Reasurans Brokerligi and HDI Sigorta General Manager Ceyhan Hancioglu, who have played an important role in this cooperation, for their contributions in the Turkish sports and basketball. We are very proud and wish a very long-term cooperation”.

While HDI Sigorta General Manager Ceyhan Hancioglu stated that they are very happy and proud and he explained: “We present our thanks in the presence of the Turkish Basketball Federation. The media knows us now. We are one of the rare insurance companies supporting the Turkish sports. We are involved in football but we are also take part in volleyball and basketball. We have entered in this community to provide good possibilities in the fields of the Turkish Basketball Federation working with many sports clubs in Turkey in the last three years in particular beyond advertising. I acknowledge everybody providing this environment for us again”.

Nildem General Manager Elif Hazinedaroglu said in her statement: “Thanks for our status of coordinator of the cooperation. I wish good luck to both entities.”

After the speeches, the Turkish Basketball Federation CEO Hidayet Turkoglu and HDI Sigorta General Manager Ceyhan Hancioglu signed the protocol.


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