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Nildem Global, üyesi olduğu sigorta ve reasürans network bağlantıları ile hem yurtiçi firmaların yurtdışındaki, hem de yurtdışı menşeili firmaların Türkiye, Irak ve diğer MENA ülkelerindeki yatırımlarına ait sigorta ihtiyaçlarına çözüm üreterek Global piyasada yer almaktadır.

About Us

Nildem Global, founded in 1992, provides domestic and foreign insurance and risk consultancy services for a period over 20 years.


Nildem Global works to analyze risks of its customers in all branches of insurance and meet their insurance requirements completely and on the most appropriate conditions. It works with the leading insurance companies in Turkey to provide qualified service to its customers both in the corporate and individual service groups. In addition, it provides services for preparation of the covers in coordination with its foreign strategic partners and international reinsurance firms if required when it develops the insurance programs.

Our Values

The most important elements behind success and creative solutions we offer to our customers are specialization, permanence, consistence, production of solutions specific for you and seeing you, our valuable customers, as our business partner. We have adopted it as our basic philosophy to listen to you and understand your requirements properly in all our relations with our customers and present the most appropriate service.

Our object is to establish long-term (not short-term) and permanent business relationships with our customers and insurance companies.

We pay attention to care for all these values at each stage of the service offered to you by us. We know that such attention would increase quality of the service provided.

These values are the values formed and protected by Nildem Global team and no doubt they are the most important factors of our success in Turkey and on the foreign markets with your support.

Our Employees

Our employees are the heart of our company. We provide service to, our valuable customers, with our 20-person professional team and our foreign office. Our understanding for service, giving importance to quality, makes us more advantageous compared to other independent brokers.

Çiğdem Ergelen
Board Chairman

Cigdem Ergelen graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry in 1968 and has served as a dentist for 26 years. Ergelen, who founded Nildem Sigorta Acentelik Hizmetleri A.S. in 1992, established NGI Nildem Global Sigorta ve Reasurans Brokerligi A.S. later on. She continues to serve as the Board Chairman of the company established by her today.

Elif Hazinedaroğlu
General Manager / Board Member

Elif Hazinedaroglu graduated from Nottingham University Department of Economy in England in 1994 and then she completed her master degree at Cambridge University Department of Economy. Hazinedaroglu, who founded Hazer Iplik ve Sanayi A.S. in 1995 and Hazer Etiket ve Sanayi A.S. in 1997, continued to serve as the General Manager in both companies until 2004. Hazinedaroglu, who took office as CEO in Aysir Turizm ve Insaat A.S. in 2004, continued this function until 2010. Hazinedaroglu has been serving as the General Manager and Board Member in NGI Nildem Global Sigorta ve Reasurans Brokerligi A.S. since 2010.

Emrah Ergelen
Board Member

Emrah Ergelen, born in Istanbul in 1970, graduated from the University of Nottingham (England) Civil Engineering with the degree of Bachelor in 1993, MIT (ABD) Civil Engineering with Master Degree in 1995 and SDA Bocconi (Italy) Business with Master Degree in 2001. He served as a Project Engineer, Director and Board Member in Hazinedaroglu Insaat Group between the years of 1995-2005. He is the Founding Partner of Arge Insaat ve Ticaret A.S., performing constructional contracting works at the international level, since 2005. He is a Board Member in Nildem Global Sigorta ve Reasurans Brokerligi A.S. since 2010.

Erbil Branch

We carry out our brokerage activity with our Erbil branch to provide global insurance and consultancy services domestic and foreign individual and companies, residing in the Northern Iraq region.

We are with you all the time

We make business with many firms from each sector and support you in each step which you consider as a risk

Retail customer
Corporate Customer
Global Projects
Special Projects

Celal Ustek

Deputy General Manager


Dahili : 115


Volkan Erdemer

Accounting & Finance - Manager


Dahili : 122


Semra Tandogan

Reinsurance - Director


Dahili : 117


Gokhan Adaoglu

Corporate & Foreign Affairs - Director


Dahili : 130


Mehmet Guccuk

Technical Insurance - Director


Dahili : 126


Ozlem Harput

Corporate Insurance - Director


Dahili : 132


Eren Yilmaz

Health/Life/Retirement - Director


Dahili : 123


Turgay Ozkan

Claims - Director


Dahili : 121


Oktay Bolgul



Dahili : 129


Fatma Gol

Accounting & Finance - Specialist


Dahili : 127


Pinar Karabekir

Executive Assistant


Dahili : 110


Omer Dincer



Dahili : 110