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Special Risks

Special risks require special expertise.

You may trust in Nildem Global for special consideration of your special risks by preparing insurance programs with the scope of both domestic and international covers thanks to our experience in special risks.

We produce solutions with our staff and partners specialized in many special risk insurances such as the Debt and Credit Insurances, Aircraft and Ship Insurances, Athlete insurances, Special Concert and Event insurances, Media and Entertainment Sector, P&I insurances etc.

We complete the coverage placement by providing the products and conditions required on the global markets through the specialized firms, share the loss protocols produced by us, and practices in potential loss situations with you at the beginning of the project and enable you to know all your risks and their results upon occurrence well in advance.

Nildem Global placement services are the right choice for a secure future with the right steps.

  • As one of the leading/major furniture accessory brands of Turkey/of the world, if our prod... Continued

    Bulent Sincan - CFO/Samet Kalip Madeni Esya San. ve Tic. A.S.

  • Thank you very much for meeting our expectation in respect of insurance in the best manner... Continued

    Nilgun Dogan - Head of Finance Group /Guzel Sanatlar Reklamcilik A.S.

  • We acknowledge Nilgun Global which helped us not only in meeting the insurance requirement... Continued

    Orkun Darnel - Marketing Manager/Galatasaray İletişim ve Pazarlama Hizmetleri A.Ş